Vembu Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions Zimbabwe

Vembu Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Nowadays, there are lots of data breaches and hackers due to the increase in the need to work online. Covid pandemic has brought the new normal of working from home and utilizing online co-working spaces. A lot of companies are using various working spaces like Citrix Workspace solutions, VDI, among many others. Some companies make use of the Google workspace platform. However, are these companies having enough space to save their data and information? Well, no one knows. Thus, Aytec Solutions in partnership with Vembu BDR, we are here to guarantee you an uninterrupted working space with all your data in original format. Due to the need for data protection, we offer Vembu Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions in Zimbabwe, and across Southern Africa.

Vembu Backup and Disaster Recovery

Vembu BDR Suite offers a lot of solutions to all enterprises. The Vembu suite allows IT admins to run their workloads on MS Azure Virtual Machines to back up their data. Therefore, this allows IT to securely backup data to different locations. Storage of data in Public Clouds or other regions where the company deems necessary and secure is another option. Again, Vembu BDR Suite allows backup straight to data centers with RPO and RTO less than 15 minutes for those who have data centers. This reduces administration effort for the IT team. If you don’t have a data center, no need to worry as we offer that solution also. We offer Datacenter and BDR Solutions under one roof. Again, we are proud to be the fast-growing and leading IT Solutions in Zimbabwe.

Data Backup and Recovery on Microsoft 365

Vembu BDR offers a smooth solution to both companies. Our data backup and disaster recovery solutions do not have a limit to backup data as images only but many more. We also provide file and folder-level data migration and storage. Vembu BDR has a lot of solutions for those who use Mac, iPad, and Apple OS. Similarly, data backup and recovery happens at the file and folder levels. For those who use VMware, Windows, and any other systems, the opposite is true. We provide data backup for Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Google Suite platforms. Similarly, to those in the education sector who are using smart elearning solutions, we offer data backup so that your courses and modules are secure. 

 Data Backup and Replication on VMWare

 Data Backup and Replication on VMWare

It’s very possible to do backup on virtual machines using our tailor-made backup and disaster recovery solutions. With Vembu, you can install an offsite DR server in any location of your choice. An offsite DR server can be set up at the current branch office or a remote location office. In addition, a Vembu DR offsite server can be installed to your Public clouds such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, and Azure. Again, you can use a secondary mirror of your data backup as a recovery server. This makes it easier for IT to restore the data should there be a mishap in the data.

Backup Azure VMs to the same Regions

Vembu Backup and Disaster Recovery Server can be deployed in the same region to back up all your MS Azure VMs. Operating System corruption, System failure, Viruses, Ransomware, and basically disasters are unavoidable. Our solutions support the need for businesses to be up and running without any interruption. Our BDR Backup offers faster recovery actions to make sure that no business is brought to a halt by system failures, ransomware, and OS corruption. When data has been successfully stored, it is easier to mirror the same data to local data centers or Azure regions, or public domains.

Backup Azure VMs to the same Regions

Backup Azure VMs to your Data Center

All business aims to store and recover their data without any hustle. Thus, with Vembu data backup to the data center is done with ease. IT admins are able to install a Vembu ImageBackup agent on each Azure VM for data backup. A BDR backup server is installed on Windows Azure or the location where the data should be stored. After this has been done, the backup location should be assigned a public DNS/IP address is data is to be stored over Wide Area Network (WAN). Thus, installation of a Vembu ImageBackup agent is required on these Virtual Machines. Therefore, these VMS will then be stored or backed up to the Vembu BDR backup server over LAN or WAN.

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If you read until here, we assume that you are interested in our solutions. To schedule a demo is as easy as counting 1, 2, 3, ….. Thus, we are  available at your convenient time physically, remote or online. Aytec Solutions is excited to welcome you on board. Our backup solutions cater for all businesses from Small, Medium and Large enterprises. If you can’t find what you are looking for, kindly refer to Vembu for information.


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