Leading IT Solutions Provider in Zimbabwe


The need of being innovative has been exponentially rising in Zimbabwe and across the world. Due to the high competition, most companies are forced to move fast and adapt to new trends for their survival. However, to those who are not taking IT as serious as other are, soon they will face extinction. But, as Aytec Solutions, we are delighted to be in existence for you. We have IT Solutions that ranges from:

1. Smart Learning Solutions

2. Backup and Recovery Solutions

3. Artificial Intelligence Solutions

4. Loan Management Solutions.

5. Business Intelligence Solutions

6. And many more.

If you are in need of these IT Solutions or you are not sure on how to use it for your organizational benegit, then you can give us a call and we help you. Our team compriss of Project Managers, Financial Modelling Experts, Data Analysts, and many more. Thus, we got you covered. Likewise, if you need IT Consultancy or business consultancy, you are at the right page/company.

Again, if you require more services and solutions  which  are not listed on this page:

Get in touch with us at +263 773 001 887 or

WhatsApp us at +263 772 305 421 for more information.