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Aytec Solutions offers unsurpassed IT and business solutions across the country. Nowadays, as technology keeps on changing, so is the way we do our businesses. Many people are looking for products and services online. So, how is your website optimized for your business? Are you able to get leads that convert into sales? Aytec Solutions is a digital marketing company in Harare, that helps with leads generation, content writing and Search Engine Optimization.

Due to the pandemic that has changed the way we do business, it is critical that you have a powerfully optimized website that attracts people. Not only are people interested in the feel of the website, but they are also interested in meaningful content. As Google algorithms change from time to time, so is the search behavior of the customers.

Hence, that’s what Aytec Solutions is here for you. We provide the finest service in digital marketing consultancy in Zimbabwe and across the world. Our top-class service makes sure that traffic is driven to your website.

Driving Traffic to your Website

Nowadays companies are surviving by being very visible and interactive on the internet. While having a website might not be enough, it is vital that your company is highly visible on Google. As more and more customers are turning onto the internet to look for products and services, it is fundamental that your company is found on Google’s first and second pages.

So, do you know what your customers are searching for to reach your products? Well, you need proper customers who convert when they land on your website. Therefore, Aytec Solutions is why it’s here. We help organizations by driving more relevant leads to their business using different digital channels

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Strategy

Through our comprehensive digital marketing strategy, we are able to identify search queries from your customers using various keywords tools, put in place proper marketing on proper channels. This will help you with traffic to your website, traffic conversion into leads, and finally, conversion of these leads to sales. However, digital marketing is not about social media. It is about the kind of method under which we utilize those keywords tools. This is what we call inbound marketing. Our team is ready to help you drive customers to your website. Aytec will handle inbound and outbound marketing. We are the leading digital marketing company in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Our digital marketing services

Brand Design & Strategy

Through our unique process of brand building, we help you stand out using your brand heart and messaging.

Social Media Management

We help you drive traffic from your social media platforms to your webiste. 

Audience Analytics

Knowing your customer is key for you to improve your sales and revenue. 


Search Engine Optimization makes your business visible on search engines. This will help you grow and get huge traffic to your business.

Graphics Designing

Not all communication is verbal, thus, we help you send your message to the customers in an eloquent graphic manner.

Team Training

SMM is the current trend in marketing and there is a need to have SMM skills. It’s not about knowing social media, but the benefits it has to the organization. We help you advance your employee skills in social media marketing.

Website Development

Visibility is of paramount importance in any business. We help you design the best website to showcase your products and services.

Email Marketing

We help you with email campaigns to your customers. All commercial emails to existing customers and prospects.

Want to Drive Traffic to your Website?

Driving traffic to a website is one of the most difficult things to do. Without proper knowledge on how to drive customers, it’s difficult to have leads that will be converted to sales. It takes a lot of patience and time to drive traffic that converts. Customers are now able to able to find your business in the comfort of their homes. With the coming of technology, there is no need for a customer to travel miles to get your products and services. So, how do the customers visit your website? Well, customers use different platforms to search for products, and only relevant content and information to their searches are displayed to them either through social media or search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Therefore, at Aytec, we have SEO experts and digital marketing specialists who are ready to help you drive traffic to your website. Get the digital marketing services you deserve today in Harare or anywhere in the world. Using tools such as analytics, we help you get traffic that has a high conversion rate.

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