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Discover the ability of AI in your everyday operations. Find out the AI solutions that are able to bring you a competitive edge to your business over your enemies. At Aytec Solutions, we help you scale the impact of AI for maximum benefits. Best customized AI solutions for your business needs. AI solutions make your business operations much easier. There are lots of people the fear that AI will take their jobs in the future. Well, no one is certain as technology is ever-changing. However, what’s certain is the fact that AI makes you concentrate on creating better products while most tasks and processes are done by AI. By automating your processes, you are allowing AI to aid you in your operations. So, in order to rip the best, you need to have solutions that are able to work faster without making mistakes. Only AI solutions are able to handle the pressure that a human being can’t. Thus, for your business to be able to survive from the competition, organizations ought to have systems that can work faster than humans. Schedule a free demo for any of the AI solutions we provide and we will do it free of charge. Aytec Solutions is the leading IT Solutions provider in Zimbabwe. 

Biometric Identification

Visitor Management

Smart Parking

AI Video Analytics

Headcount Alerts

Artificial Intelligence

AI Solutions have many merits to a business. We can integrate our AI solutions into your software to enhance your software intelligence. AI helps you boost your productivity. Unlike human beings, AI systems solutions amplify your impact and unlock new possibilities for your business. From machine learning to computer vision, we have you covered. Our solutions can work in any business environment and we have AI solutions according to your business needs. From smart parking AI solutions, Visitor management, etc. Our AI-powered facial recognition solutions will help with access management among other things.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions Company

Augment your business capacity through the use of AI systems. As the leading provider of AI solutions in the country, and across the region, we have the best-experienced team of AI and ML experts. Hire the best experts for the best services and cost savings. Ay is an Artificial intelligence Harare company leader. Businesses accomplish more when human creativity and judgment are coupled with the speed and scale of artificial intelligence. Thus, there is a need for you to move with technology.

Smart Parking

Real-Time Response Alerts

Have your business world in your palm through real-time alerts. There is no need to waste time using traditional counting systems and compliance. The use of artificial intelligence alerts helps your organization to have instant warnings concerning some violations, compliance breaches, and safety issues. AI video analytics can be used in many industries such as restaurants, hotels, warehouses, mining, and any other. They reduce the time needed to compile and process information. Through video and image processing, organizations are able to identify the number of people in a certain place, visitor management, and check their parking slot in real-time. 

Visitor Management
people counting systems
Restaurant Headcount

People Counting Systems

It’s always important that you have all information about your customers’ movement at your organization. Knowledge of this information will help plan accordingly. Companies should take advantage of people counting systems so that they know the time of the day when people are like to be at their business. For example, restaurants can use data from these systems to make sure that they increase the number of staff who will serve their customers. In addition, the data can be used to do some promotions and other marketing plans. People counting systems are used in different setups such as restaurants, hotels, airlines, etc. 

Facial Recognition

As the world is changing, so is technology. The majority of companies are still using traditional methods of access control on their buildings. This is quite good but it doesn’t unlock all the security potentials. With the increasing rate of theft and hackers, there is a need to have edge technology to protect your assets and resources. Physical guards and door lockers are good as access control mechanisms, however, they are not as safe as biometric access control can provide. Facial recognition is among the safest methods of gaining access to any building. Aytec Solutions is your partner in facial recognition solutions in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa. Access control should never be a difficult thing to implement as it gives your employees to be identified in real-time. 

Facial Recognition

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